Never Bitter
Stir Brew

This is a place that feels like home, with good coffee brewed the stir-brew way.
- Fresh Cup Magazine

Jack attributes the rich, full-bodied flavor of his consistently delicious drip coffee to the stir brewer, a device of his own in- vention that oxygenates the grinds as they brew reducing acidity.
- New York Magazine

Jack’s stir brewer, a contraption of his own patented design, brews a house blend to remove bitterness.
- Time Out New York

Owner Jack has invented a coffeemaker that stirs the coffee grinds as it brews, giving each cup an even, smooth taste.
- Food & Wine

The secret weapon is the stir brew coffeemaker invented and patented by Jack, which stirs the coffee grinds as it brews...
- Downtown Express

The not-so-secret to Jack's success in creating the best cup of coffee in America is the patented stir brewing.
- Digital City AOL

Stirring during the brewing process promotes flavor- enhancement of the coffee by helping assure the coffee grounds are uniformly mixed, saturated and blended. The stirring substantially maintains an evenness of depth of the ground coffee, further aiding in the flavor-extraction process, ensuring a rich, uniform taste in every cup.

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