Jack's serves milk exclusively from local cows! Our cows wander the green pastures of nearby Columbia and Dutchess counties, tended by friendly farmers of the Hudson Valley Fresh cooperative - 100% free of any antibiotics or hormones,fresher than any in NYC. Because our cows are local, buying their milk helps small, New York farmers save 4,000 acres of farmland from development. It also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that result from trucking long distances. HUDSON VALLEY FRESH is the best milk out there and we know you will enjoy it.
"Hudson Valley Fresh is indebted to Jack's Coffee. Jack's was the first coffee shop in New York City to serve our milk and promote our mission of high quality and sustainable dairy farming. Jack has shown his conviction by bringing his baristas to the farm and educating his customers. He is passionate about sustainability and continues to be our best advocate by encouraging customers and competitors to use our milk."
- Dr. Sam Simon, President of Hudson Valley Fresh

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